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Return to the gospel of the water and the spirit
John Stanners    [email]   ( United Kingdom ) 2009-08-10     Views : 496     touched : 198
Return to the gospel of the water and the spirit book review 2 is about some of the misconceptions that have arisen due to lack of understanding over many years and it is written to help us clear up these ideas and return to the original gospel message given man two thousand years ago. The gospel of the water and spirit as written of and testified to in these books.
What does it mean to become born again? it involves a spiritual change in a person when they go from being a person who is a sinner with sin in their heart to a sinless person whos sins are taken away and forgiven paid for and he becomes sinless person forever who has no sin in their heart.
God's attributes are love and justice and they are both realised by this message when God forgive all our sins and makes love available and given to us; and justice is met as atonement for our life of wrongdoings is made once and for all in the gospel. We were all born onto this earth with sins but God has taken away our sins in the Jesus baptism by John the baptist and Jesus blood shed on the cross which makes our hearts sinless and free from sin so the Holy Spirit can dwell in our hearts. The gospel of the water and the spirit is the gospel of sinlessness and blessing and the original message as God gave it in Jesus Christ God's son in the past who took away our sins at the river jordan when John the baptist placed his hands on Jesus head and said:"the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world!" at this the sins of the world were passed onto Jesus head and he went under the waters and up out the other side of the jordan carrying all the sins of the world on his body and cleansing this world of sin; he then carried the sins to the cross and was judged for them on the cross by the shedding of his blood to pay for these sins and then rose again three days later from the grave to defeat sins once and for all so now there is no sins in this world and we can be sinless people if we believe the gospel and people who have no sins in their hearts. Let us return to the original message and believe it will save us from all our sins and the sins of the world. When we have no sins in our hearts we can enter the Kingdom of heaven as sinless people this is the blessing of being born again into the Kingdom of heaven as sinless people. This is what book 2 tells us. Good book.
In the time of the old testament at the passover only those who had been circumcised were protected when God passed over they were saved and this is like the spiritual circumcision in the new testament where the spiritual circumcision is when Jesus is baptised by john the baptist cutting off the sins from all humanity from our hearts; it needs both not just the blood on the cross; the circumsion of our hearts when the sins of the world were cut off our hearts by Jesus baptism takeing them away AND the blood on the cross paying for them; both are needed. This way we can be saved from God's judgement when he judges because all our sins were passed onto Jesus at his baptism and he carried them to the cross and was judged in our place for them and paid the punishment for them with his blood so we can be saved and go free as sinless people and enter heaven; also when there is a change of priesthood as there was at the end of the old testament where john the baptist was the last high priest in the old testament from the tribe of Arron when Jesus came to the jordan river to be baptised; Jesus belonged to the tribe of Judah so he was a change of priesthood to the new in the order of Melchizedek (Hebrews 7:1-28) a priest forever with no beginning and no end; and when there is a change of priesthood there is also a change in the law. So the law given by Moses up to the time of Jesus appearing at the jordan river was only to show us we were sinners who could not keep the law of God because of the sins in our hearts but Jesus took away these sins with his baptism when John the baptists placed his hands on Jesus head and passed the sins of the world onto Jesus head and washed them away carrying them to the cross and shedding his blood for them; at this there was a change in the law to the law of the spirit where Jesus was took away the sins of the world by his baptism and paid for these sins by his death on the cross and then resurrected so this is the new law the law of the new covenant of forgiving our sins and placing his Holy Spirit within sinless hearts.
The book finishes by telling us that this is God's will for man to make him sinless in the gospel of sinlessness and then to tell the people who have not heard this gospel how they can be free of sin and become sinless people in heart of sinlessness and qualify for a place in heaven. So we have to tell the people God has made them sinless in the gospel of the water and spirit and preach it to the lost souls. I would recommend book 2 to the reader well written and very good book.
John Stanners, UK


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