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I was christian for 4years under a pentecostal ministry.
Christopher Chibale       ( Zambia ) 2015-06-16     Views : 166     Touched : 61
I was christian for 4years under a pentecostal ministry,there were no proper faith of how i can believe in Jesus,but the time i came to read the first book of the NLMISSION all my struggles of sin ended,if there people in this world who agonised of their sins am one them.I even reached at the extent of carryng a big stone on my head during mountain prayers symbolisng heaviness of my sins.But by his grace i encountered the gospel of the water and the Spirit i became free from sin,though i am insufficient,i still serve the gospel of God.Serving the gospel of the water and the Spirit is serving God.Even though am lacking,i am still a king in the Kingdom of God,i am a royal priest who is like a king.If i dont spread this gospel to the lost souls i will end up in hell.This faith is not something that i can attain by force,but it is somthing that God has given us,and therefore all that i have to do is just take it by believing,praise the lord.
Jesus is God ,by being baptised by john the baptist,Jesus was covered with our sins,he had accepted them all leaving not single sin behind.Jesus christ took thus our sins through his baptism,and by bearing his condemnation of my sin,he could save me completely.This is the will of God the father,no one can change it.My heart is sinless,because Jesus through his baptism he received from John the baptist and his death on the cross it has completed the work of the remission of sin in my entire lifetime....
Christopher Chibale, Zambia


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