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I know God loves me and He judged His son for me.
Leonard Ngceba       ( South Africa ) 2015-05-26     Views : 171     Touched : 59
I was a christian for as long as I can remember but a lot of things confused me as far as christian is concerned.I didn't know if I'll go to heaven.I comforted myself by thinking eventually I'll be born again,I had a wrong concept about the holy spirit and I highly respected people who spoke in tounges and perfomed miracles at some point I wanted to be like them.But I was drowning deep in confusion.Then the big question hit me.What does it mean to be born again? I couldn't find the answers unti I read Paul C Jong's book,The first edition hit home. It opened my eyes and I needed more, my heart found peace and I knew, THIS IS IT! I learned how God judged His Only Son instead of me.I came to understand the terbanacle,the high priests,John the Baptist. I was not intrested before to read and understand the book of Levitikus,it was confusing.I never thought it had so much important facts about our salvation,the reminission of my sins. I didn't know it had conection with the baptism of Jesus,let alone Jesus. I wondered how am I gonna get to heaven with all the sins I commit everyday,that made me to give up and told myself I will never make it to heaven.Its only for the rich pastors who speak in toungues and perfom miracles.
But Now I know I have a chance,I won't stand in shame before God, I am Rightous.
I want my children to learn about the gospel of the water and the spirit,that's is the very best I can do for them,to be born again by the water and spirit.
Thank you Paul C Jong for this revelation God bless you.
I know God loves me and He judged His son for me.
Leonard Ngceba, South Africa


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