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Who can not be found in other Christian writers.
Nenad Kostic       ( Serbia ) 2015-05-06     Views : 203     Touched : 66
To endeavor to educate our fellow men
Proposal: Use those jewels , blessings and revelations from the book Paul C. Jong , who can not be found in other Christian writers. Use short paragraphs that are real answers to the questions of the modern Christian world .
We should take advantage of it summed places that are full of blessings in books , where there are direct answers to questions that are used to readers of the Bible have set ourselves and have not found an appropriate response.
My suggestion is related to one of the ways could be interested biblical seekers and random readers . It would certainly be excerpts from those parts of the book Paul C. Jong reveal exactly where they replied that nowhere else can not be found.
Here are the answers to the questions why Christ was baptized in his 30 years as a world cleansed of sins , why was tempted in the wilderness , and how he brought the eternal and perfect sacrifice for the atonement of sins .
Books by Paul C. Jong contain a blessing and revelation. Those are pearls that can not be found in books of other Christian writers.
What is revealed? Not only that Christ fulfilled the law and the prophets, but it is perfectly followed the system of sacrifices prescribed by the heavenly Father. In this we can convince the books of Paul C. Jong's. Just as the sacrificial system pointed to the perfect sacrifice, just as Christ was followed and met victims of a system that would once and for always offered up himself to eternal sacrifice of reconciliation. Christ has also taken over and clergy working mediation between us and our heavenly Father.
Today, if Christians asked the question: "Do you know why Christ was baptized at the age of 30?" They replied that Christ so clearly that we should not baptize infants and babies because Christ should be accepted in full awareness and understanding. They do not know that Jesus was also the goat for Azazel tempted in the wilderness, and also do not know how to connect what is a parallel system of sacrifices with Christ, the Levitical priesthood and the way of sacrifice, which is also applied to Jesus.
This would be entitled to many little revelation as it is for all of us was when we read about in the books of Paul C. Jong. It is a really beautiful and underlined that can not be found anywhere else in some Christian books. I believe that people would like to know. They should be present and to ask questions of the area and indicate the places in the books NLM where the answer is. This might well be the reason for the need to study the books of Paul C. Jong and to officially put into its proper place as it should serve as educationally tool for every Christian.
Christ is God's blessing,
Nenad Kostic, Serbia


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