" Freely you have received, freely give " (Matthew 10:8)

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Thank you so much for the encouragement in this email from you to me.
Peter Kalulu       ( Zambia ) 2015-04-23     Views : 192     Touched : 61
Thank you so much for the encouragement in this email from you to me. I promise to preach and teach the doctrine of the baptism of water and the spirit. This is a true gospel. Leaving out the baptism of Jesus Christ and believing and preaching about His death and Resurrection is climbing a tree by jumping to the branches, leaving the tree-trunk. O praise the Lord for this great revelation. I will read more of the books that I will order for distribution so as to deepen my spiritual growth and share with God's children in our Ministry, as well help any that may have difficult in understanding the message in the books.
Today the 14th April 2015, I confirm receiving one parcel containing 21 printed books from New Life Mission which I ordered. The parcel took about 10 days to reach me. It was intact and was not tampered with. Thank you for the prompt response to my order. Distribution started to day and I hope before Friday the 17th April2015 I will be done. Expect my next order any time from now.
Peter Kalulu, Zambia


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